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NEWSLETTER NO: 13 of 2019

24 April 2019

Dear Parents

ADMISSIONS 2020 !!!!!

Application for Grade 1 and Grade 8 for 2020 will once again ONLY be done online. This will start on 13 May 2019 at 08:00. Our current Grade R parents at Martin School also HAVE TO apply online for Grade 1 for 2020 but don’t need to submit any documentation as we already have all the required documentation. GRADE 7 parents, please take note of the above, as all applications for Grade 8 (High School) must also be done online. Please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. As the applications are done online the school cannot be held responsible if parents procrastinate or don’t apply as the placement for Grade 1 and 8 is done at Provincial and District Level.

There have been some changes in the admissions regulations. The main change is that although admissions will still be done on a first come first serve basis, it will be done ranked according to the following criteria and in the order given :


a)  the applicant learner’s place of residence is closest to the school within the feeder zone; (List A1)

b)  the applicant learner has a sibling attending the school; (List A 2)

c)  the place of employment of at least one of the applicant learner’s parents is within the feeder zone of the school; (List A 3)

d)  the applicant learner’s place of residence is within a 30 km radius of the school; or (List A4)

e)  If the applicants place of residence is further than 30km, the application will be placed on a B list.

The ranking of the application for admission shall be in the order of the categories referred to in paragraphs (a) to (e) of sub-regulation (2) and in the order in which the applications were received.

Once the application is completed, the parent will receive an sms indicating their waiting list number. Parents must then supply the required information (as indicated) to all schools for which an application was made in order to verify and complete the application. Applications will only be valid if all required documentation is handed in at the school as soon as possible after the applications open but no later than 24 July. All applications after 15 July will be regarded as “LATE applications” and will only be processed once all other applications have been placed. Applications for Grades ER/R for 2020 will still be done manually at school as from 13 May. Current Grade ER parents need not apply for Grade R, 2020. Grade R and Grade 7 parents are also welcome to attend a short information session on Monday, 6 May (after the PTA meeting) in the school hall to assist with the applications and possible questions. Please contact the office should you have any questions in this regard.


Thank you for all the promised sponsorships received on the pathways so far. Let’s work hard on these during these last few weeks. A reminder that we are collecting items for all our stalls during this period running up to the Big Walk. Tombola items, White Elephant and Book Stall items are most welcome and can be sent to school. We have received very few prizes for our raffle list and other stalls, and are URGENTLY appealing to parents and companies who can sponsor prizes for our Big Walk, to please send them to the office. (The actual raffle prizes are only required in August but we need to know now which prizes we have, in order to include them on the raffle lists)


Our Grade 1, 2 & 3 mothers are reminded about the annual Mothers’ Day assembly to be held on Thursday, 9 May in the school hall.

Please pack extra lunch and a blanket for your child on the day, so that you can picnic with them on the playground after the assembly. You are also invited to collect a cup of tea from the staffroom.

As in the past we rely on our mom’s kindness and generosity to support a given charity. This year we will be helping ‘Cupcakes for Cancer’. Thank you to all moms who have promised to donate cupcakes for us to sell on the day. (Please see separate letter).  Your donations are greatly appreciated.


As some of our parents may know, we have a few cats on the school property which help to reduce the rodent population. Unfortunately your kind donation of dry cat food has run out and we would appreciate any donation of Catmor (chicken flavour) dry cat food.



On Thursday last week our netball teams played against Parkrand Primary and the results were as follows:

U10A Martin won 8 – 0; U10B Martin won 12 – 0; U11A Martin lost 2 – 5; U11B Martin won 4 – 0; U12A Martin lost 4 – 5; U12B Martin won 5 – 1; U13A Martin won 21 – 2; U13B Martin won 7 - 0. The girls all played well and enjoyed their games.

Yours faithfully