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NEWSLETTER NO: 14 of 2019

2 May 2019

Dear Parents


Our SECOND LAST PTA meeting before the Big Walk will be held on Monday, 6 May in the hall at 18:30 for 19:00. All parents welcome. We ask that all stall conveners please attend this meeting in order to finalise the helpers and requirements for the Big Walk.


Please take note that we start our Term 2 exams on 17 May (Grade 7) and 20 May (Grades 4 – 6). Parents please take note of the timetable and ensure that your children start studying for these according to a study programme. Please remember the importance of these exams (as explained earlier) as they affect the promotion requirements.

According to CAPS, children will be tested on all work done in Term 1 and Term 2 in all subjects. This means that we are unable to give a specific break-down per subject.

Provincial Papers in NS/Tech and Mathematics must be written on the specific dates given by the Department of Education. This applies to our Grade 3 and Grade 6 learners.






17 May




Grade 7

20 May

NS/Tech and Tech

Grade 4-7


Grade 4-7

21 May

PSW and LO

Grade 4-7


Grade 4-7

22 May


Grade 4-7



23 May


Grade 4-7


Grade 7

24 May


Grade 7


Grade 4-7

Please remember that no learner will be allowed to write the exam paper missed due to absenteeism. Should your child be ill on the day of the exam, a valid doctor’s note or clinic letter signed by a registered medical practitioner will be accepted. Your child will then have to write the exam missed, on the day of returning to school (provided that all documents are in order.)

ADMISSIONS 2020 !!!!!

A reminder that application for Grade 1 and Grade 8 for 2020 will once again ONLY be done online. This will start on 13 May 2019 at 08:00. Our current Grade R parents at Martin School also HAVE TO apply online for Grade 1 for 2020 but don’t need to submit any documentation as we already have all the required documentation. GRADE 7 parents, please take note of the above, as all applications for Grade 8 (High School) must also be done online. Please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. As the applications are done online the school cannot be held responsible if parents procrastinate or don’t apply as the placement for Grade 1 and 8 is done at Provincial and District Level.

Grade R and Grade 7 parents are urged to attend a short information session on Monday, 6 May (after the PTA meeting) in the school hall to assist with the applications and possible questions. Please contact the office should you have any questions in this regard.


Thank you for all the promised sponsorships received on the pathways so far. Let’s work hard on getting more sponsorships during these last few weeks. A reminder that we are collecting items for all our stalls during this period running up to the Big Walk. Tombola items, White Elephant and Book Stall items are most welcome and can be sent to school. We have received very few prizes for our raffle list and other stalls, and are URGENTLY appealing to parents and companies who can sponsor prizes for our Big Walk, to please send them to the office. (The actual raffle prizes are only required in August but we need to know now which prizes we have, in order to include them on the raffle lists)


A final reminder to our Grade 1, 2 & 3 mothers about the Mothers’ Day assembly to be held on Thursday, 9 May in the school hall.

Please pack extra lunch and a blanket for your child on the day, so that you can picnic with them on the playground after the assembly. You are also invited to collect a cup of tea from the staffroom.

As in the past we rely on our mom’s kindness and generosity to support a given charity. This year we will be helping ‘Cupcakes for Cancer’. Thank you to all moms who have promised to donate cupcakes for us to sell on the day. (Please see separate letter).  Your donations are greatly appreciated.


We are inviting all Grade ER – 7 children to please support our ’Cupcakes for Cancer’ charity on Thursday, 9 May. Cupcakes will be sold at first break at R5 each.


As some of our parents may know, we have a few cats on the school property which help to reduce the rodent population. Unfortunately your kind donation of dry cat food has run out and we would appreciate any donation of Catmor (chicken flavour) dry cat food.



Please note that there will be practice for the U11 and U12 netball teams on Friday, 3 May from 14:00 – 15:00.


On Thursday last week our netball teams played against Dawn Park Primary. The results were as follows:

U10A Martin won 11 – 0; U10B Martin won 1 – 0; U11A Martin lost 3 – 9; U11B Martin won 1 – 0; U12A Martin won 6 – 5; U12B Martin lost 5 – 8; U13A Martin won 15 – 4; U13B Martin won 6 – 1.

On Monday our netball teams played against Parkdene Primary. The results were as follows:

U10A Martin won 20 – 0; U10B Martin won 12 – 2; U11A Martin lost 1 – 6; U11B Martin drew 4 – 4; U12A Martin won 8 – 1; U12B Martin lost 1 – 4; U13A Martin won 26 – 1; U13B Martin drew 5 – 5.

On Tuesday our Netball teams played against Witdeep Primary. The results were as follows: U10A Martin won 9 – 2; U10B Martin won 4 – 0; U11A Martin lost 3 – 6; U11B Martin won 5 – 1; U12A Martin lost 6 – 7; U12B Martin won 6 – 1; U13A Martin won 24 – 4; U13B Martin won 9 – 1.  Well played to all our girls!!


On Tuesday our soccer teams played against Dawn Park Primary. The results were as follows: U10 Martin lost 1 - 2; U11 Martin lost 1 – 2; U12 Martin won 2 – 1; U13 lost 0 – 2.


Royden Freeman has been selected to play for the U13 Eastern Junior Club Cricket Winter Development Team. Well done!


Yours faithfully